Berlin Migration Playfair Style

Today I read about a new data set on Berlin’s quite new Open Data website. It was titled »Migration to and from Berlin« and made me very curious. I keep hearing that the city’s population is shrinking, but doubt that. After downloading the data, I opened it in Numbers and made a first quick graph. I was surprised—not because it showed that for a few years already, there are more people moving to Berlin than from it—but because my brain yelled: “William Playfair”! And sure enough, this is the quite well-known vintage infographic that I had in mind. With Numbers’ on-board tools, I then quickly tried to match the visual style of the chart with the one by William Playfair. Here’s a PDF. What do you think?

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  1. by Gregor (Reply)

    Nice! Also interesting to notice how much my eyes are trained to ignore everything that looks like a chart mentioned in Tuftes books. They’re shown too many times recently. I really have to force myself to look at it :)

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