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This is not the complete list of winners of Malofiej20 winners. All winners, including the one of the print catagories, can be found in the press release on the Malofiej20 website.


8AA – Natural Disasters, Accidents and Crime (<5m)

BRONZE for – El escape del homicida

8AB – Natural Disasters, Accidents and Crime (5m+)

BRONZE for – Crisis nuclear en Fukushima, terremoto en Japón
SILVER for – Flooding, Power Failures, Rainfall and Damage From Hurricane Irene
BRONZE for – Map of the Damage From the Japanese Earthquake
BRONZE for – How a Reactor Shuts Down and What Happens in a Meltdown

8CB – Others (5m+)

BRONZE for – El nuevo Ferrari F150 al detalle
BRONZE for – Bad Days and Weeks

8DA – Continuous coverage of breaking news event (<5m)

BRONZE for VG Nett – This is how the catastrophe in Japan happened


9AA – World and Nation (<5m)

BRONZE for Associated Press – September 11, Ten Years
BRONZE for Internet Group do Brasil (iG) – Orange Production in Brazil
SILVER for Internet Group do Brasil (iG) – How a Samba School Drums Section Works
BRONZE for National Journal – Inside Obama’s West Wing
BRONZE for – El microscopio del voto

9AB – World and Nation (5m+)

BRONZE for – 7 billion
BRONZE for – Images of the Devastation Along Misurata’s Main Road
GOLD for – A History of the Detainee Population
SILVER for – Obama’s 2012 Budget Proposal: How $3.7 Trillion is Spent
SILVER for – 18 Days at the Center of Egypt’s Revolution
BRONZE for – Destruction in Haiti, Then and Now

9BB – Local Issues (5m+)

BRONZE for – If Someone Made a City
SILVER for – The 9/11 Tapes: The Story in the Air
SILVER for – Where Were You on Sept. 11, 2001?

9CA – Business and Finance (<5m)

BRONZE for Estudio 90grados – Acuicultura

9CB – Business and Finance (5m+)

SILVER for – It’s All Connected: An Overview of the Euro Crisis
BRONZE for – The Marathon Route’s Evolving Neighborhoods

9DA – Sports (<5m)

BRONZE for – El mejor palmarés de España

9DB – Sports (5m+)

SILVER for – The Serve: Creating Racket Speed
SILVER for The Washington Post – How the course has played

9EA – Science, Technology, Medical and Health issues (<5m)

BRONZE for Schwandt Infographics – Biobased Economy Route Map
BRONZE for – Tell-all Telephone

9EB – Science, Technology, Medical and Health issues (5m+)

BRONZE for – Forensics
BRONZE for – Changing Forests
BRONZE for – 30 Years of the Space Shuttle

9GB – Arts, Entertainment, Food and Lifestyle (5m+)

SILVER for – How Many Households Are Like Yours?
GOLD for Internet Group do Brasil (iG) – The Brazilian Smoke Squadron


10AB – Breaking News Portfolio (5m+)

BRONZE for – NYTimes Portfolio 3

GOLD for – NYTimes Portfolio 4
9/11 anniversary: Trade Towers as they were
Transcripts of the 9-11 air traffic control tapes
Reconstruction of Ground Zero
Interactive map of where people were on 9/11
Flooding power failures and rainfall in hurricane Irene

10BA – Features Portfolio (<5m)

BRONZE for Ria Novosti – RIAN Portfolio 1

10BB – Features Portfolio (5m+)

BRONZE for – Crash


11BA – Design: typography, composition and graphic style (<5m)

SILVER for Internet Grupo do Brasil (iG) – Butterflies in the Stomach

11CB – Innovative Format (5m+)

BRONZE for – Riot rumours: how misinformation spread on Twitter during a time of crisis
SILVER for – Europe’s Energy


12DA – Features for Tablets (<5m)

BRONZE for – Qualità de la Vita
BRONZE for – Ther king of the woods

At Golden Section Graphics, we posted a small video on our fibonacciLAB website which demonstrates how we experiment with developing iOS apps. Have fun watching it!

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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) published an infographic in their customer magazine, which was made by Golden Section Graphics. For this, I programmed two small applications: one converted a world map into a differently projected one (Fuller Projection). The other one generated te surrounding triangles for any countries of the world and the included bar charts. The represented values are specific indexes for the nation’s sustainability.

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